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Vick Got Me - Ditch Day The Movie
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Slasher Ditch Day Comes with Daring Drinking Game

Los Angeles, Calif., - Producers of the indie slasher film Ditch Day, also known as Ditch Day Massacre, created the “Ditch Day Drinking Game” for the fans to ensure viewers have extra fun. Viewers become potential victims who strive to survive the movie killer Vick (Bill Oberst Jr.) by earning the most points by the end. Vick, a suited killer with an axe to grind, is on the hunt for players who pass out, puke, or score too low. Intense and shameless, the game comes with its own disclaimer: there is no mercy, so play at your own risk. The game calls for friends, booze, and the will to survive. The full game rules available at                                                     

The game features a fan player level and a surprise cult player level. Initial points come from the tasks in the fan player level that include spinning, yodeling, and even punching. Did we mention it’s intense? It doesn’t stop there; the game extends to the worldwide horror community online. Players are called to take selfies at the end of the game and share them on Instagram @ditchdaythemovie with the hashtag #DitchDayTheMovie. Survivors earn the survivor sticker and add the hashtag #IsurvivedDitchDayTheMovie while victims earn the victim sticker and add the hashtag #VickGotMe. Stickers are also available at

The film itself focuses on Vick, a man with a dangerous agenda, and Jenny Bilson, a student who is not as innocent as she seems. After mom and dad leave town for business, Jenny opts to ditch school and throw a party. Little does she know, an axe-wielding Vick is looking to crash. Some students learn the hard way: there’s hell to pay for cutting class. Ditch Day is now available for free on Amazon Prime:

Ditch Day The Movie - Drink up