Megan Waters, Producer

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Megan Waters is President and Executive Producer of Water Tree Media, Inc. Prior to embarking on her first feature film "Ditch",  Waters established and built Water Tree Media Inc.  A dynamic production and marketing company with a strong track record in producing automotive based broadcast content.     Waters was the lead producer on the television shows Chop Cut Rebuild (Seasons 1 through 4), Street Tuner Challenge (Seasons 1 through 3) and most recently The Forum Wars.  She also directed two episodes of American Seductions.  All three series sold in over 60 territories around the world.  In total, Waters has produced 92 episodes of broadcast television on Fox’s SPEED Channel among multiple commercials campaigns for automotive and motorcycle companies.  A proud graduate of Ryerson University - Radio and Television Arts.

Joe Hendrick, Director

Daniel P. Coughlin, Co-Writer

Ryan W. Coughlin, Co-Writer

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Ryan Coughlin was born in “the biggest farm town in two counties,” Watertown, WI in 1980. He began writing fictional material in notebooks as a youth when Atari gave way to Nintendo and movie theatres were still movie theatres and not cineplexes. He was heavily influenced by the written work of William Golding, Daniel Defoe, Mark Twain, and Stephen King. Ryan credits films like Stand by Me, Rocky, and Friday the 13th for inspiring his early fascination of cinema. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh where he studied finance and film. All the while, the pen never left his hand. In 2002, he moved to Southern California. 

His approach to writing is humanistic. It is centered on people’s layers and depth as opposed to single dispositions, basing the work on the belief that we, as well as his characters, are all mixed bags of good and bad. His professional career was kick started when he was hired to write multiple scripts for the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. He has written several feature films on speculation and has recently signed a publication deal for a science-based adventurous illustrated children’s book. Various articles have been circulated by finance and military publications.

Ryan resides in San Diego with his wife Alexandra and baby to be (name TBD). He is dedicated to family and friends, and considers himself to be fortunate to have the unique privilege to collaborate with his brother, and best friend, Daniel P. Coughlin.